Monday, June 27, 2011

Pin Treasury Challenge - Week 1

little white lies - vintage skeleton key necklace

I'm so excited to bring back the treasury challenges Rebecca (LushCluster, our team captain) was doing on her blog. (If you were unaware, Rebecca will be back with us in the fall when her big move is complete and her family is settled again.) These Treasury Challenges will be slightly different, but with the same amount of fun and spirit!

The Mission: Create a treasury using the item above, Alex Keller's Little White Lies Vintage Skeleton Key Necklace. Pin the item on Pinterest (or you can repin using my pin here). Make sure to tag the treasury with EWPTeam, Team and pintreasurychallenge. Make sure to tag your pin with EWP and Etsy. If you need advice on creating treasuries check this EWP forum post. And do invite your friends to come join us! They're welcome to play along, but they'll need to join the team to be in the running for the winner's spot.

The Winner: The winner gets to have their shop featured the next week! (This is not required if you would prefer not to be featured.)

Please post a link to your treasury in the comments section here (and on the team blog too!) to be included in the running for this week! The challenge will close on Sunday, July 3rd at 12pm EST. The winner will be chosen and posted on Sunday evening and the next challenge will show up on Monday again!

If you don't want to make a treasury this week but still want to play, you can pin those cute key necklaces, tell us about your relationship to keys (do they hold nostalgia? sadness? happy memories? beauty?) in the comments, or just remember to check out all the treasuries!


  1. I created "Lighten Up" today, which features three of our lovely members! I hope you enjoy it:

  2. Hi there, My treasury can be found here: