Monday, August 1, 2011

Pin Treasury Challenge - Week 6

Vintage Port and Starboard Lantern Themed Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

The Mission: Create a treasury using the item above, Upcountry Vintage's Vintage Port and Starboard Lantern Themed Salt and Pepper Shaker Set. And definitely pin the item on Pinterest (or you can repin using my pin here). Make sure you tag the treasury with EWPTeam, Team, and pintreasurychallenge. Make sure to tag your pin with EWP and Etsy. Invite your friends to play with us! If they join the team, they can be in the running for the winner's spot too.

The Winner: The winner gets to have their shop featured next week! (This is not required if you would prefer not to be featured or are only an Etsy buyer.)

The Logistics: Please post a link to your treasury in the comments section here (and in this week's team forum thread too) to be included in the running for this week! The challenge will close on Sunday, August 7th. The winner will be chosen and posted on Monday and then a new challenge will begin!

If you don't want to make a treasury this week but still want to play, you can pin those fantastic lantern shakers, tell us the story behind the salt and pepper shakers on your table (did you look everywhere for the perfect ones? were they hand-me-downs? do you have no idea how they got to your table? do you fondly remember a set you had growing up? etc.) in the comments, or just remember to check out all the treasuries and have fun on Pinterest!

Good luck everyone! So excited to see the treasuries this week!


  1. Hi Ladies!

    I recently found your blog on FB and love what you are doing with Etsy/Pinterest. I share your love of both and think one just GOES with the other, so why not blog about it…I love it! :)

    I am just getting my Etsy store up and running as we speak, so I don’t have the time this week for the treasury challenge, but I couldn’t help but share my goofball salt/pepper shaker story, so here goes…

    When I first moved out on my own, some 13 years ago I spent a lot of time strolling the aisles of Marshalls, Ross, TJ Max, etc looking for the basics every kitchen and bath need. Towels, utensils, plates, glasses, and of course a salt and pepper shaker. I had been eyeballing those stainless steel ones with handles, that all the fancy shmancy chefs had on tv. One day, what to my wondering eyes did I see, sitting there in a halo of light glistening off the clearance rack?! One of those fancy, stainless steel sets I was so enamored with! I’m not sure which of us leapt to the other first, but that baby was in my basket without a bat of my lashes.

    Unfortunately, the shakers and I would have to wait another 2 years to begin our love affair! My boyfriend at the time had happened upon his own set of SS shakers, and knowing how crazy I was for them he bought them for me. Seeing as his find was discovered at Macy’s (read NO clearance rack, or even a reasonable price…MEN! haha), I didn’t have the heart to tell him I already bought some, and since mine were a final purchase buy (ok, and maybe I KNEW they were much nicer then my set) I figured I would re-gift them to my folks or something. Fast forward, a few years and a break-up later and I was left alone, without my SS shakers:( Never fear, I was far too attached to those babies to part with them so they sat in the dark corner of my cabinet waiting for their time to shine. I opened the box with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning! I pulled them out one at a time, first marveling at the beauty of the salt shaker, now to the pepper shaker….WAIT A MINUTE!! Why do I have 2 SALT shakers?!! Yep, all those years and all that excitement and the WHOLE time I had two pristine, and classic, but IDENTICAL shakers. You might think, she probably trashed them, right? Nope, I still have and use the same identical shakers today, it turns out the story was far more fun than the shakers and somewhere in those years they just sort of found a special place in my heart! :)

    Where was Etsy back when you really needed it?! Hahaha Someday I will explain to mine how they came to be, but until then I just chuckle at their path to my kitchen, and enjoy their likeness:)

    Nice to meet you ladies - I will be following you and will definitely participate in future treasuries! See you in the threads…


  2. Here is mine:

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  4. What a funny story, Dre! Thanks for sharing with us!! And if you'd like to, we'd love if you joined the EWP team on Etsy. Use the Info About EWP button at the right to navigate to our team homepage. And if you don't, we still love new friends following along with the blog and playing with us! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thanks Laura :)

    I'd LOVE to join the team! I will check that out this weekend, and hopefully will have the time to participate in next weeks Treasury Challenge!